Friday, March 4, 2011

T_T thankz for understanding :'(

thankzz u dear ... Now you are beginning to understand my heart ... even if you do not treat me like the first ... but I still love you .. but why do you always hurt me ... you know how his torment me after what you do to me .. after you read my blog .. u know how much I love you ..

I have tried everything to bring cheer to you ... and I hope you appreciate it .. although not as great as people out there .. but just enough for me to show my love ... If you love me show you true love to me ... I do not care how you looks ... but I want to see how loyal you heart in with me...


  1. ameeq u ni jahat la... nanty zara giget ameeq jage la... x pon patah kan leher ameeq... Siap la... Gerr....!!!!

  2. ngee~ giget sajalah... ameeq x kesah.. hahahahaha